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Call for Students 2022

Join #InnoChangeProject

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E)


The InnoChange project was brought to life by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Higher Education Initiative (HEI). The goal is to equip students with the key skills to build and develop their potential in the field of I&E. The InnoChange consortium aims to educate 390+ students in I&E.

 We offer you an online course with one live event in ...

 Creativity, responsibility and entrepreneurship

Are you interested in turning problems into opportunities? Are you spiked about creating innovative products or solutions? Have you ever wondered why promising ideas fail? Have you ever thought about the social impact of important solutions?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, join the Creativity, responsibility and entrepreneurship course and start your adventure with students from different universities from all over Europe!

Instructor and course designer: Barbara Hegyi PhD, ELTE


  • Innovation and entrepreneurship: main definitions and interdependencies
  • Idea, USP, validation
  • Role of marketing
  • Team and leadership
  • Initial financing opportunities
  • Cooperations, ecosystem and intrapreneurship
  • Business models
  • Digital transformation and innovative thinking
  • Turn a problem into an opportunity
  • Social responsibility and new tech ventures
  • Trends and regulations considering social responsibilty
  • CSR 2.0

Asynchronous modules

  • Modules will be released weekly (from 17th February) with short videos on the theoretical background
  • Individual assignments will be released
  • 70% of the available grades will come from individual assignments
  • All the modules have to be completed by 16th May (for students from partner universities, until 10th July)

Live events

  • 3rd May 2022, from 3-5. p.m. CET
  • Interactive teamwork, active participation from every students expected
  • Teams platform and link will be announced in due time
  • 30% of the available scores will come from teamwork


  • 0-60% -1, 60-70%-2, 70-79%-3, 80-89%-4, 90%-5
  • Individual assignments will be evaluated by the I&E teachers’ community – every assignment in 15 days


  • Students having a good level of English
  • Students taught or willing to teach I&E courses
  • Students doing projects with business potential
  • Students interested in entrepreneurship

Benefits for you

You will be equipped with innovation and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge necessary for the challenges of the 21st century such as digitalisation, entrepreneurship, management and leadership, scientific methods and enquiry.

What you need to do during the course

  • Participate actively in the pilot course “Creativity, responsibility and entrepreneurship”
  • Participate in the survey to get student feedback
  • Contribute to student group presentations

What you need to do after the course

  • Maintain contact with your InnoChange I&E Coordinator
  • Participate in future initiatives of InnoChange Project (g. idea hacks, hackathons, Student Entrepreneurship Digital Hub)

How do you join?

Fill in the registration form until 15th March (https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=SLszAZD3YEWmTaxGpHL7vJ273mZfyz5HocKrS7vFbl1UM0c1UjQwTUZKOVNSSURGS0Y4SUhWTjRCOC4u) and notify the InnoChange I&E coordinator Silvia Gaftandzhieva about the registration at e-mail sissiy88@uni-plovdiv.bg. If you have problems with registration or questions, please write to Silvia Gaftandzhieva (sissiy88@uni-plovdiv.bg).


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