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Bulgarian & Chinese

Professional field: Pedagogics
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
teacher in Bulgarian language and literature and Chinese
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
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The specialty “Bulgarian & Chinese” is new at the Faculty of Philology. Its establishment is an important step in the including of the Asian languages and cultures in the university's portfolio. The specialty was established in response to the widening interest towards the study of Asian cultures and languages and especially the interest towards the fast expanding economy and the rich history and culture of the Peoples Republic of China.

The specialty's curriculum is based on studying Bulgarian and Chinese languages from the basics. Graduates receive professional qualification as teachers in Bulgarian language and literature and Chinese language and literature. The study of Chinese language is integrated with study of Chinese history, philosophy and literature, study about the ethnic diversity, geography and economy.

The study of Chinese starts from the basic level and an advanced group is formed for those who have studied Chinese during their high-school education.

The specialty gives wide opportunities for professional realization. Graduates could apply for jobs at the state administration, in the fields of translating, interpreting and editing, tourism, mass media, as well as at Chinese firms with Bulgarian branches and at Bulgarian firms operating with Chinese partners.

During the educational process both theoretical and practical disciplines are studied. Literature, linguistics and classic languages are part of the specialty's curriculum. History of both nations literatures is also studied. Significant part of the curriculum includes the study of Bulgarian and Chinese, while for the study of Chinese language native speakers are provided as lecturers. The basics of Chinese language are taught thanks to the support of the embassy of the PRC in Sofia, the Confucius institute and the partner-universities in Changchun and Tientsin.

The specialty is suitable for both people trying to receive their first university degree as well as for those trying to enlarge their competences in new and perspective areas.

Last update 10 June 2021

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