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The research activity includes different aspects of natural and social studies. The following streams are significantly active:

* Informatics & informational technologies
* Microbiology & biotechnologies
* Research over the management of natural resources
* Environmental preservation
* Optoelectronic & laser technologies
* Synthesis of new organic and inorganic materials
* Radioactive research over soil, water and air
* Research over the biological diversity in Bulgaria, for the purposes of preserving the natural land race genetics
* Problems in the higher education
* Research over the language, literature and the culture of the region, country, the Slavonic and west european countries
* Research over the personality
* Social, religion and ethnic identities

At the ASA (section for applied science activities) over 120 contracts are developed annually, financed by the following sources:
1. International programs
2. Contracts with the “National Fund for Scientific Research”
3. Fund “Scientific research” at the Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski
4. Business contracts

Last update on 12 July 2013