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Administrative units

For the last half century Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski has been training specialists in almost all spheres of management in Republic of Bulgaria. Along with science and educational personnel working in the spirit of their patron Paisii Hilendarski in order to train the academic youth as specialists of European levels, assistant and administrational-economic personnel is present, providing for the complete effective functioning of the University. Functioning of the administrative services provides for the management at all levels - rectorate, faculties and departments. Their activities are managed by vise-rector - directly responsible for the economic and financial matters, maintenance of the buildings and supply of basic materials and chemicals, transport and communication, providing conditions for the study process, student`s practical education, scholarships, dormitories, organizing recreation activities for lecturers and personnel. Administrational and economical service`s main objective is supporting the science and study activities by contributing to the two-way communication between the management personnel, the lecturers and the students.

Last update on 12 July 2013