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Newspaper “ Plovdiv University”
editor: Tilyo Tilev
: 261 477;
e-mail: tiliotilev@uni-plovdiv.bg

The newspaper “Plovdiv University” was established in 1983. Since that date up to nowadays it reports about the academic life of the university. On its pages you could find information about the forthcoming and past events, articles, examinations and discussions referring to the education, science, culture and art.

At the web-site of the University you can find and read the newest issues and archive of the older issues, including such from past years.

At the newspaper “Plovdiv University” many now famous Bulgarian journalists, poets, novelists and university lecturers have made their first publications as students. Annual the newspapers editing committee organizes concurs in literature (poetry and prose), open to all of the University students. Awards are given on official event, with readings from the awarded authors and a meeting with famous Bulgarian author, chosen for
Doctor Honoris Causa.

Last update on 28 October 2013