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The University Information Center is an autonomous department with main objective to maintain and support the informational infrastructure of the Plovdiv University. Its activities have tree main directions:

Network and communications – for administrating, management, technical support and development of the university computer network, providing of Internet services, education and consultations for the users of network services and others.

Administrative and informational systems – projection, development, support and exploitation of the informational systems at the Plovdiv University and their integration in the UCN.

Informational Service – informational support of the students admission campaigns, software realization, consultations, technical support of computer techniques and others.

Among the main objectives of the UIC is support of the university servers, providing for the main university information resources. Important priority of the UIC work is projection, realization and exploitation of the program resources and local area networks, which help with the maintenance of the financial, educational, administrative and other resources of the University.

In October 2011 the new university web site was issued, which is entirely developed by the UIC.






Telephone, E-mail, room

 Prof. Balik Dzhambazov, PhD


 032/261 209


 Rectorate, UIC, room 8

 Asst. Prof. Atanas   Terziiski, PhD

 Consultant, syst.

 032/261 449


 Rectorate, UIC, room 1

 Ivo Yurukov

 Syst. Administrator

 032/261 305


 Rectorate, UIC, room 10

 Stilyan Minchev

 Syst. Administrator

 032/261 205


 Rectorate, UIC, room 6

 Antoaneta Tekyova

 Syst. Administrator

 032/261 287


 Rectorate, UIC, room 6

 Boyan Kostov

 Syst. Administrator

 032/261 449


 Rectorate, UIC, room 1

 Zornitza Taneva

 Editor, students admission information

 032/261 302


 Rectorate, UIC, room 13

 Elena Vassileva

systems administration

 032/261 302


 Rectorate, UIC, room 13

 Dilyana Ilieva

testing software

 032/261 303


 Rectorate, UIC, room 13

 Zlatka Vladimirova


 032/261 306


 Rectorate, UIC, room 2

 Sebiha Madanska

 Expert, database system software

 032/261 302


 Rectorate, UIC, room 13

 Milen Bliznakov

 Programmer, DB

 032/261 304


 Rectorate, UIC, room 4

 Mladen Tonchev

 Programmer, DB

 032/261 472


 Rectorate, UIC, room 12

 Asen Uzunov

 Programmer, Soft.application

 032/261 472


 Rectorate, UIC, room 12

 Ivan Ivanov

 Programmer, Soft.application

 032/261 304


 Rectorate, UIC, room 4


Contact us

Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”

University Information Center
Tzar Assen str. 24

Last update 24 August 2021

PU "Paisii Hilendarski"

Rectorate, Plovdiv "Tzar Assen" str. 24

Telephone: 032/261 261

Fax: 032/628 390

Technical issues: 032/261 305

BULSTAT: BG000455457



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