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Audio-Visual Center

Rectorate, telephone 261 272

e-mail: vpetrov@uni-plovdiv.bg

Expert multimedia: Venci Petrov

The audio-visual center at the Plovdiv University was established in 1989. At the last few years the available equipment was completely renewed.

Nowadays the center has the capability of producing audio-visual product , synchronized with the latest requirements of the present technologies.

We offer services, harmonized with the latest world tendencies in the field of education.

Projections of video materials in auditoriums 6, 8 and 10 at the rectorate building and the new building.

Multiplication of video materials.

Organizing, sound and filming (by camera or video camera) of events such as conferences, visits, and disquisitions with national and foreign cultural activists, happenings, graduations and other events of importance to the university.

Making of video materials referring to the educational process. Filming the stages of work on particular scientific project. Video observation. Filming of research results.

Filming of lectures and lessons

6. Film dubbing
7. Educational course for introduction to the main forms of film-making, specifics of TV and movie script, electronic montage, directing, technical parameters of audio-visual technique.

Participation in projects, which demand video illustration and complete movies.

9. Active cooperation in making
thesis and course-works, when such include video elements.

Consulting for lecturers and student on the subjects of the process of video taking and the treatment of the video material.

11. Organizing specialized projections for the students in profile “Acting for drama theater”.

All of the above mentioned activities are realized
without any financial resources from the University.

In order to take part in the activities of the audio-visual center, you need to fulfill the standard requisitions, available at the center at any time.

For better coordination and placement of your requisition in time, please deposit them at the video center
atleast a week before the event.

In case of additional circumstances, such as need of transport, allowances and others, consultation with the vice-rector Mr. Kirov is needed. All other must be addressed to the video center manager.

The video center has highly qualified professionals you can rely on.

Last update 11 January 2024

Paisii Hilendarski
University of Plovdiv

Rectorate, Plovdiv, 24 Tsar Assen Str.

Telephone: 032/261 261

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Technical issues (foreign operators):+359 882 282 252

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