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Bulgarian & History

Professional field: Pedagogics
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
teacher in Bulgarian language and literature and history
Period of study:
8 semesters (5 years)
Forms of study:
regular and external
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1
see annex #2 for the affiliated college in Kardzali


The study plan for the specialty “Bulgarian language and history” includes various disciplines from the specialties “History” and “Bulgarian language and literature”, thus allowing the students to gather wide variety of humanitarian knowledge with practical application. Students study language and literature disciplines – history and nowadays state of the Bulgarian language, Bulgarian literature and foreign literatures, folklore and modern culture. The historical disciplines included are archeology, ethnology, antique and medieval, new and contemporary history of the world and Bulgaria, as well as history of the Balkan nations, Thracology and Byzantine studies. Students also study another four eligible disciplines (such as “linguo geography of Europe, “Literature and multimedia” and others.) which could also be chosen from the curriculum of other specialties and faculties.

During the education archaeological expedition is included, along with summer expedition for practical experience in the field of “Historical linguistics”. Additional opportunity for education in foreign languages and acquisition of certified international diplomas is provided by the Center for foreign languages and inter-cultural communication which exists within the Faculty of philology. Various clubs, centers and initiatives, such as “The students history & archeology club”, “The Students club for philosophy and discussions”, “The center for anthropological and ethnic and social studies” at the Faculty of history and philosophy and the annual students scientific conference provide for the external activities and the scientific and researcher initiatives.

The curriculum is subordinated to the European system for credits gathering and transfer. During their education, the students from the specialty “Bulgarian and history” have the opportunity to study at more than 20 universities in Europe, all of which partners of the University according to the international educational programs for students mobility. The length of their residence at the partner-universities is 3 to 12 months with full recognition of the credits gathered by the students during their stay at the host university.

The graduates could find their professional realization by doing scientific, methodical and organizational work at the system of education and culture, by working in different fields of the social and economical life, which require higher humanitarian education. The graduates with educational degree “bachelor” could continue their education in master programs in history, literature, language, cultural studies, European studies and profiled specialties such as actual Bulgarian studies; archaeological heritage and cultural management; cultural tourism and cultural management; management of scientific activities, innovations and
entrepreneurship, diplomacy and intenational relations, management in culture, educational management and others.

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