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Slavonic Philology

Professional field: Philology
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
philologist, teacher in Bulgarian language and literature and specialist in Polish (or Czech/Serbian/Croatian)
Period of study:
10 semesters (5 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
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Study in the specialty “Slavonic philology” has three profiles – Polish, Czech, Serbian and Croatian languages.

The choice of the language profile is made by the prospective-student during the admission at the university.

The curriculum of the specialty “
Slavonic philology” is realized in ten semesters, after which the students take state examination and defent master thesis. The education plan includes intensive course in the chosen Slavonic language and studies of literature and culture of the country/countries where it is spoken. During the process of study various disciplines about the Slavonic cultures are included, which deliver the students various knowledge and active communication skills. The bilateral contracts between the Plovdiv University and other universities and the participation of the Faculty of Philology in various international programs allows the motivated students to gain scholarships for education with various length in universities abroad. Foreign lecturers participate in the study process.

Simultaneously with the study of various Slavonic disciplines, students gain fundamental knowledge in the field of Bulgarian language and literature. The theoretical studies in Bulgarian language and literature and the pedagogical practice allow the graduates to find professional realization as teachers in Bulgarian and literature in the Bulgarian mid-school system.

The wide spectrum of knowledge, along with the education in various fields of fundamental philological disciplines and linguistic skills in the fields of Slavonic languages allow the students to find their professional realization in different humanitarian ranges of the social life. The perspectives for the graduates in the specialty
“Slavonic Philology” are  finding work as interpreters, teachers in Bulgarian language and literature, journalists, editors, correspondents in national and international organizations and projects and others.

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