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Linguistics & Informational technologies

* English & German and IT
* English & French and IT
* English & Spanish and IT

Professional field: Philology
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
philologis, interpreter
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1


Bulgarian membership at the European Union provides circumstances for flourishing cultural, science and educational integration, but also invokes a need for new approaches in the teaching of foreign languages. The specialty “Linguistics and informational technologies” fully meets the requirements of this new realities, providing adequate conditions for adopting the best achievements in the classic and nowadays linguistic and their application in the working practice of the future translators, editors, consultants, experts philologists and others. Along with the improvement of the competence in the foreign language, the specialty includes detailed training with main software products, which help the graduates bachelors not just in the professional philological spheres but in other areas too – management, business administration, public relations and others.

The specialty's main objective is providing the students complex knowledge in two foreign languages and informational technologies. With the specialty acquired the future graduates could find their professional realization as translators in corporations, firms, trading companies, banks, translating agencies, consulting bureaus, PR agencies, publishing houses, electronic and mass media, libraries, museums, archives and other social, educational and cultural institutions.

The study process includes three programs: “English (basic) and German (secondary)”; “English (basic) and French (secondary)” and “English (basic) and Spanish (secondary)”.
The education workload includes minimum scientific knowledge in the spheres of history and nowadays state of both the languages studied (phonetic, lexical, grammatical and stylistic systems) as well as in the sphere of informational technologies (working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Internet).

The study process is similar for the basic language (English) and the secondary (German, French or Spanish) and the only difference is that the educational process for the secondary language starts from basic level. The educational program intends C1 level for the main language and B2 level for the secondary to be achieved by the students by the end of their education.

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