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Graphic design&Advertising

(Notice: Reception would start in march 2014. if the NEAA delivers an accreditation document for the specialty)

Professional field: art
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
artist/graphic designer
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

Graduates could work as wide-profiled specialists with applicable skill in the fields of arts. They could find professional realization as designers at design studios and advertising agencies, printing and publishing houses. The specialized training received, also allows them to find their professional realization as artists in the various fields of art.

Thanks to the various curriculum, students receive fundamental training in graphic design, skills for creating designers projects, exceptional knowledge in the fields of art, specialized art training in several art fields as well as qualification in the spheres of advertisement and marketing.

During their education students gain competences, much needed for each graphic designer, divided in three modules:
- The first module includes theatrical and practical disciplines, providing overall training in the field of art. Introductory disciplines are studied, such as
Basics of graphic design, Lettering and topography, Design for serials, Books design, Illustrations, Packaging, Advertisement design, Posters design. Additional workload is provided for studying specialized computer programs.
- The second module includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills, needed for the successful realization of any graphic designer.
- The third module provides the students basic economical knowledge in the sphere of advertising. It includes the following disciplines:
Basics of economy; Marketing, Advertising; Text and editing in the advertisement design; Business communications and PR and others.

Except the obligational disciplines, students are offered various eligible disciplines, which allow them to widen their art and cultural knowledge and skills.

Through the specialized web site of the Faculty of Pedagogics or by visiting the web-site
http://www.arteducation-uni.net/bg candidates interested in this specialty could receive full access to all of the information about the educational program offered and the conditions for applying.

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