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Preschool pedagogics & foreign languages

Professional field: pedagogics
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
pedagogue, teacher in preschool education and foreign languages
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
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The curriculum of the specialty “
Preschool pedagogics & foreign languages” is realized in 8 semesters, after which graduates take state exams or defend bachelor thesis. Disciplines from the spheres of pedagogics, psychology, technologies in preschool education and preschool institutional management are included. Study of the foreign language lasts during the whole educational educational course. The wide spectrum of eligible disciplines allows the future graduates to objectify their interests in the future professional realization. The three forms of practical education - observation, going and pre-graduation practice contribute to the forming of behavior pedagogical practices and collaboration between children and pedagogues. The balance between theory and practice during the students preparation is a guarantee for the high quality of their future professional realization.

The graduates from the specialty “Preschool pedagogics & foreign languages” could find their professional realization as pedagogues in nurseries, tutors in kindergartens and private nurseries, teachers in English in state and private nurseries, as well as in state and private preschool foreign language courses. Graduates with such professional qualification could also practice other scientific and methodical and organizational and management activities in the system of education and other institutions with educational functions.

The foreign language studied during the educational course is English.

Notice: Documents for candidates for the specialty “Preschool pedagogics with foreign languages ” are not accepted without certificate for successfully passed exam from the commission for examination of the speech and communicational skills.

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