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Professional field: Pedagogics
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

Graduates from the specialty “Pedagogics” could practice basic pedagogical activities in the field of education and other social activities on the following positions:
- teachers in some school disciplines for which obligational or eligible disciplines are included in the specialty's curriculum
- guidance counselors or specialized pedagogues in kindergartens and schools
- tutors in all kinds and levels of high-schools, boarding schools, inspectors in agencies for work with children with criminal behavior
- pedagogical organizer in the after school activities including work in centers for work with children
- associates in social and cultural organizations and institutions with educational functions, youth clubs and others
- management positions in regional inspectorates and municipality structures for managements in the education and culture

During the study, students could study additional eligible disciplines (payed), which allow them to gain additional qualification for teachers – which is certified with annexed to the diploma certificate.

Notice: Documents for candidates for the specialty “Pedagogics ” are not accepted without certificate for successfully passed exam from the commission for examination of the speech and communicational skills.

Last update on 19 January 2017