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Jazz & Pop Music (Piano, accordion, guitar, percussion and singing)


Professional field: music
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
artist percussionist, singer
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

Graduates from this specialty have qualification for work as performers in different jazz and pop music formations, entertainment establishments, youth clubs, discos, record companies, theater ensembles, music formations, children's music ensembles, managers in schools for contemporary dance and ballet, teachers in solmization and special disciplines in art schools.

During their education, students receive:
- theoretical training in music disciplines, giving them fundamental knowledge needed for being music performers, through study of music theory, history of music, harmony, music forms and genres; history and theory of jazz and pop music; arranging for contemporary jazz and pop formations, instruments and Bulgarian music folklore;
- expedient practical training for the relevant specialty, which among with mastering the specialized discipline (music instrument/singing) also includes obligational study of virtual instruments and music software, piano, guitar, percussions, accordion, singing techniques;
- opportunities for specializing and profiled mastering of special music style;
- overall and specialized computer training for notes prepress, computer generating and treatment of music.

Students could also study several eligible disciplines, which allow specialization of theoretical and practical training according to their individual interests.

Student's education is based on several priorities:
- balance between theory and practice;
- accent over the applicable musical and performance training.

The basic theoretical and the deep practical training of the students aim for the successful professional realization of the students. Graduates from the specialty “Jazz and Pop music” could continue their education for higher educational degrees.

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