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Analysis & Control

Professional field: chemistry
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
chemist - analyst
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

For the academical year 2014 – 2015, Faculty of chemistry opens new bachelor program “Analysis and control”. The increasing demand for highly qualified analysts capable of creating and applying methods for analysis of various objects as well as familiar with contemporary analytical instruments intensively used at the analytical laboratories in the country and the European Union, offers the future graduates various perspectives for professional realization at testing, research, and control centers.

Along with the fundamental chemistry knowledge in: inorganic chemistry, physics and chemistry and chemical technologies, students gain earnest theoretical and practical training in analytical chemistry, including wide spectrum of classic and instrumental analysis methods.

Training at this specialty includes newest metrology concepts and terminology with accent on actual norms, procedures, documentation and control procedures, providing the quality of chemistry testings as a part of the analytical activities at the up to date laboratories. Students are trained in organizational practices and regulation norms for accredited laboratories, according to the national institute for accreditation in Bulgaria.

Opportunities for professional realization are provided by the universal applicability and the fundamental chemical knowledge in combination with the competences for analysis and control of various objects. Future bachelors in the specialty “Analysis & Control” are trained for the following activities:
* executors, controllers and auditors in structures at the state system of ministry of environment and the ministry of Health, authorized for control over the following functions:
* analysis in:
* control laboratories at the Executing agency for environment, Bulgarian agency for food quality control, Drugs executing agency and others;
* firm laboratories controlling concrete manufacturing processes or evaluating production;
* private laboratories for testing of chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, industrial and other products;
* members of teams dealing with scientific and applicable research in the field of chemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology, nanotechnologies and ecology;
* members of teams for development and implementation of new methods for analysis and control;
* consultants in procedures for accreditation and control over active analytical laboratories.

Motivated students have opportunities for semester scholarships at various European universities.

Simultaneously with the bachelor program “Analysis & Control” students could apply for courses for additional qualification available at the faculty.

Graduates with the educational degree “bachelor” could continue their education at various master programs offered at the faculty of chemistry. They also have the necessary training for applying for master programs at any other university at the state or abroad.

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