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Chemistry & Marketing

Professional field: chemistry
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
chemist – expert in marketing for chemical products
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

“Chemistry & Marketing” exists since 2009., realized in collaboration with the faculty of economical and social sciences. This was an idea initiated at the faculty of chemistry, motivated from the expanding demand for merchandising representatives, consultants and associates at firms and organizations, offering chemical products, supplies, hardware and instruments for chemical analysis and production. The study curriculum includes interdisciplinary training including fundamental knowledge and skills in the fields of chemistry and contemporary scientific knowledge and skills in strategic and financial marketing, necessary for the effective realization and competitiveness in the conditions of the dynamically developing market.

Students receive training for the following activities, which they could practice in the state and abroad:
* projecting and applying of marketing strategies in the chemical sphere, food production chemistry, construction chemistry, pharmaceutical, medicinal cosmetics as well as stabilizing, and expanding marketing positions of already existing products;
* development of techniques for offering and taking basic decisions in the sphere of marketing;
* development and service of production activities at chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food production, metallurgical and other productions;
* development of marketing analysis, diagnosis and marketing;
* scientifically applicable research in the field of chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, ecology and others as well as market research, realizations and innovations.

Except for inorganic chemistry, physicists and chemistry and analytical chemistry, students also study theory of economics, sales management, communications and communication politics, marketing of industrial market, finances, production politics and others.

Motivated students have opportunities for semester scholarships at foreign universities.

Ad lib, simultaneously with the bachelor program in chemistry, students have the opportunity to study for additional qualification at various programs offered at the faculty.

Graduates with the educational degree bachelor, could continue their education at various master programs at the faculty of chemistry or economical and social sciences. They are also prepared enough for master programs at any other higher school institution in the state or abroad.

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