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Chemistry & English

Professional field: chemistry
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
chemist with English language
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

The specialty “Chemistry & English” was established n 2012. It's establishment was invoked by the expanding demand for English speaking specialists with basic training in chemistry. This specialty combines both the fundamental knowledge in basic chemistry disciplines and laboratory skills as well as intensive linguistic education. In many European universities this combination has proved as an appropriate one.

Students are trained to perform the following tasks at the state and abroad:
* work at chemistry laboratories for control and assistance in the chemical industry at multinational companies;
* development and improvement of technologies through implementation of expert knowledge from European and world leaders in these spheres;
* transfer of international experience by developing new and improvement of existing methods for analysis, control and testing of materials, raw materials and products in the sphere of industry, pharmacy, cosmetics, agriculture and environment;
* participation in European projects from fields of priority for the development of the European Union, such as improvement of the qualify of life, improvement of control over the environment and health care;
* scientifically applicable research in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, informatics, ecology and others;
* work as representatives for multinational companies for distribution of chemical, cosmetics, health care products and others;
* translating and interpreting of specialized texts in the spheres of chemistry with scientific and applicable character from English.

The enhanced linguistic training of the students in this specialty allows them to participate in international exchange programs. This would provide the young people to find professional realization in the borders of the European Union as qualified bachelor chemists or continue their education at master or PhD program at European universities.

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