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Biology & English

Professional field: Biology
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
teacher in biology and English
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

The enhanced study of foreign languages at schools led to the need for teachers capable of teaching various disciplines (including biology) in foreign languages. In order to face this new challenge in the educational system, the Faculty of Biology at the Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski, together with the Faculty of Philology has established the new specialty “Biology & English” which started in 2012/2013.

In this specialty students have both opportunities for gaining systematic knowledge for the basic pedagogical and biological sciences, through various forms of organizing of the study process, and additional knowledge in the historical and contemporary state of the English language and literature.

Graduate's receive educational and qualification degree “bachelor” with professional qualification “teacher in biology and English”. This gives them equal opportunities for professional realization as teachers in biology and English at the elementary and high-school education system, as well as in private schools, scientific courses and courses for work with children organized by various government and non-governmental institutions.

Graduated bachelors could continue their education for the educational degree “master”. The are also qualified for work as translators and interpreters of specialized biological literature, scientific reviews, international scientific projects and others. Graduating is after state exam or thesis defense in biology and state exam or thesis defense in English.

Last update on 16 January 2019