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Mathematics & Informatics

Professional field: Pedagogics
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
Teacher in mathematics, informatics and informational technologies
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

Study curriculum includes basic disciplines from the fields of mathematics, informatics and informational technologies, which along with the much needed for each teacher psychological, pedagogical and methodical disciplines give the future graduates high professional training and wider opportunities for professional realization. Eligible disciplines are also included, which allow the students to gain additional training in the fields of their interests by attending specialized courses in the fields of mathematics, informatics, informational and communication technologies, economy, business, law, psychology, philosophy, linguistics and others.

Graduates could find their professional realization as teachers, tutors, managers in inspectorates and structures for educational management. Their fundamental training in mathematics, informatics and informational technologies gives them wide opportunities for professional realization in all spheres where their knowledge and skills are applicable – software companies, banks, insurance agencies and others, while after graduating master degree, they could continue their education for the scientific degree PhD and find professional realization as lecturers and researchers at universities and scientific institutes. 

Last update on 22 February 2018