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Software technologies and design

Professional field: Informatics and computer science
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
IT specialist
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

The study curriculum includes scientific and applicable disciplines from areas of significant importance for the specialty, such as graphic design, objects-orientated programming, creating graphic interface for users, web programming and design, computer network and communications, programming applications for mobile devices, informational technologies on the Internet, data structures, business informational systems, electronic commerce, applicable mathematics and others. Some of the disciplines in the specialty's curriculum are eligible, which allows the students to profile their education in the specialty, as well as in the fields of informatics, informational and communicational technologies, mathematics, economy, law, psychology, philosophy, linguistics and others.

The specialty tends to be an applicable one. It provides basic wide-profiled training for applying up to date software technologies in different areas of human activities through obligational fundamental disciplines included in the specialty's curriculum. The specialty is focused on building up basic practical skills for design of different computer applications.

Graduates from the specialty “Software technologies and design” have wide options for professional realization in each sphere, where software technologies are used as an instrument for gaining practical results: software companies, cinema and video industries, advertisement agencies, editing and publishing houses, industry, merchandising as well as in scientific and research groups. After graduating master degree they could continue their education for the scientific degree PhD and find professional realization as lecturers or researchers at universities and scientific institutes. 


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