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Professional field: Informatics and computer science
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
IT specialist
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
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The curriculum of this specialty “Informatics” includes basic mathematic knowledge, much needed by the future IT specialists. Basics of informational processes and models and contemporary computer technologies are studied. Applicability of different software technologies is studied in the context of dealing with various problems of the informational service. Additional workload is dedicated to contemporary methods and systems for projecting, development and implementation of software products. Except the needed scientific knowledge, the specialty's curriculum also includes disciplines, which provide the students the much needed practical technical skills. Some of the disciplines are eligible, which allows the students to have better preparation in disciplines they are more interested in, including different spheres from informatics and informational technologies, economy, business, law, psychology, philosophy, linguistics and others.

Graduates have the qualification to project, create, evaluate, and implement different software systems, educate users of such systems and apply informational technologies in different areas of human practice. They could find their professional realization as programmers, and designers in software development companies, system organizers and administrators in different firms and institutions. After graduating the scientific and educational degree “master”, graduates could continue their education for the scientific degree PhD which allows them the to find their professional realization as lecturers or researchers at universities and scientific institutes.

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