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Social Anthropology

Professional field: Sociology, anthropology & cultural studies
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
social anthropologist
After graduating profiled module:
-expert and mediator agent in the field of education
-expert and mediator agent in the field of health care
-expert and mediator agent on the issues of marginalized social groups

Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1


Social anthropology is a university specialty. It is a part of the successfully accredited scientific section “Sociology, anthropology and cultural science”. This program was developed according to the accreditation demands and aims to provide the students with wider theoretical and practical knowledge.

The study disciplines are based on realizing the importance of problematics of the social organization of human groups, social networks and social hierarchy, socialization and education, inter sexual relations. The main focus points of the specialty are the political, economical, law, and technical foundations of the society and their role for creating the socio anthropological reality; models for production, distribution and consuming; changes in functioning of the nowadays consanguineous and family structures; communication researched in the context of actions and practices of different historical contexts in which they function; models of sociality and logics of social behavior.

That is why social anthropologists become good specialists, dealing with analyses of social problems. They could also apply their knowledge in the fields of sociocultural mediation, which is an alternative method for dealing with problems trough dialog and requires new types of experts and inculcates the profession of the mediator. The bachelor program is in accordance to the European standards for the higher education in ethnology and anthropology and provides the students with opportunities for participation in students exchange programs in different European universities.

The graduates, after graduating programs with specialized module could also receive qualification as experts – mediator agents in the fields of education/health care/work with marginalized groups at penitentiary institutions.

Graduates with bachelor degree could find their professional realization in the fields of education and medicine, in the state administration and mass media, in state, private and non-government structures; in the fields of science research and applicable projects. They could also continue their education in various master programs.

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