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Professional field: Philosophy
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
philosopher and teacher in philosophy
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

Specialty “Philosophy” is a university specialty. It has successfully passed the accreditation procedures in the field of “Philosophy”.
The study disciplines included in the curriculum aim to form wide philosophic horizon and profiled specialization for the future graduates. The education at the Plovdiv University is subordinated to the following rules which differ it from the educational programs at the other universities: extensive study of the European philosophy tendencies in the XX century; interdisciplinary education, orientated towards the social and humanitarian studies (including sociology, ethnology and history); extensive study of logics in its applicable aspects. Another specific aspect of the educational model of the Plovdiv University is the limitation of the general courses in the curriculum on account of the specialized disciplines.

The future graduates could find their professional realization in the fields of culture, science, management in different humanitarian activities orientated towards the business and the state social system or find application for their professional qualification as:
* specialists in the educational, scientific and methodical and organizational & management activities in the fields of education and culture
* specialists in scientific institutes
* specialists in the mass media, as editors in the editing staff in socially and scientific orientated magazines in state and private publishing centers
* highly qualified pedagogues in the philosophic disciplines in the Bulgarian school system
* experts in NGO`s
* teachers in philosophy in the Bulgarian high-school system (in case a pedagogical profile is chosen by the student)
The graduated bachelors could continue their education in different master programs. 

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