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Computer & Communication systems

Professional field: computer and communication technologies
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
bachelor in computer and communication systems
Period of study: 6 semesters (3 years)
Forms of study:
Evaluation scoring:
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This specialty stands for:

*theoretical and practical training of market orientated professional bachelors in the field of computer and communication systems;
* student's participation in scientifically applicable researches in Bulgarian companies and various projects sponsored by the European Union, in the fields of computer and communication systems and the environmental preservation technologies;
* trainee's adaptation to the fast developing technological world of XXI century, thus including preservation of the Rhodopes natural features.

Training is performed through an established curriculum and/or by request from employers. It includes rationally combined fundamental and applicable disciplines. Study of micro CPU technologies, computer architecture and circumscription, computer organizing and data transfer is a precondition for earnest preparation in professionally orientated courses in diagnostics, settings and service of communication and computer systems, as well as in algorithms for their operation and management.
Students gain skills for operating contemporary programs developed for business use.

Part of the education is done at leading companies, which allows work with the most sophisticated equipment and technologies.

Skills and knowledge gained during the educational course in “Computer and communication systems”, guarantee the graduated students competitiveness on the labor market.

Professional bachelors in computer and communication systems would be capable of:

* performing service in the fields of communication facilitates;
* performing control over processes and settings of basic gear;
* insetting of vital elements into data bases;
* performing diagnostics and fixing of computer and communication systems;
* using the OS capabilities by development of programs for management or fast access data bases.

Graduates from this specialty could successfully continue their education for receiving higher educational degree “master”, under the conditions defined by the state regulations and the documentation of the higher school educational institute they apply for.

If you are interested in technical sciences and you would like to find professional realization in one of the strategic fields of Bulgarian economy, invest in your professional education in the specialty “Computer and communication systems”. The flexible process of study allows you to plan your time, providing opportunities for simultaneous work and study.

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