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Engineering physics

Professional field: Physics
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
Period of study:
8 semesters (4 years)
Forms of study:
regular & external
Evaluation scoring:
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During the first two years of the study at the specialty “Engineering physics”, students study basic mathematical and physical disciplines, which form the basic training in the specialty.

Along with the fundamental training in physics and mathematics, students also gain specialized training in basic computer technologies and programming, informational technologies, engineering graphics and standardization, basics of technology and engineering planning, planning and analysis of laboratory experiments, electronics and others.

The study curriculum includes four profiled modules:
MEDICINAL PHYSICS, NEW MATERIALS, POLYMERS AND POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES, LASERS AND PHOTONIC TECHNOLOGIES, which students choose according to their interests. Modules include fundamental courses, as well as 600 hours of eligible disciplines, allowing the students to gain specialized knowledge and skills in the module chosen.

The profiled module “
MEDICINAL PHYSICS” includes disciplines, about the means and methods for prophylactics, diagnosis, and healing humans diseases, based on using physical methods, as well as research over the influence of physiological factors over humans and other biological objects.

Essentially, each achievement in the field of medicine is an application of physical and chemical methods in its practice. All methods of diagnostic and healing are based on the use of physical phenomenons and laws. Nowadays medicine is in need of serious amount of expert-physicians more than ever. The usage of more and more up to date technologies in the healing institutions demands service staff including physicists and engineers.

The profiled module “
NEW MATERIALS” is for those of the students interested in developing and characterizing of new and innovative materials. Innovative materials are the core of the expanding technological development in the last few decades, which dictates the need for specialists in this field. In this module students widen their knowledge about the structure, physical and chemical characteristics of various new materials, such as dielectrics, semiconductors, polymers, metals, hybrid and nanocomposites materials. This module combines theoretical knowledge and experimental skills. Students are trained in concrete practical applications of new materials in different fields of science and industry. Based on the complex knowledge and skills, students have the competence and competitiveness of up to date specialists. Graduating with this module provides opportunities for professional realization in wide spectrum of professional fields, such as executing technological procedures in various industrial firms, polymer and chemical industry, biotechnologies, health care and others; as well as executing management positions in scientific and research departments at various companies; as researchers in research laboratories at scientific institutes or as lecturers at universities.

The profiled module “
POLYMERS AND POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES” was formed in order to provide student with knowledge about the specific characteristics of high molecular materials and their various applications. This module includes scientific disciplines, providing fundamental knowledge about the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of the polymers and how these affect their application. Special attention is payed to up to date tendencies in science and economy and the usage polymers made by Eco-friendly materials. Knowing their physical and chemical capabilities allows the development of new materials, which are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and in the most cases – non toxic. This module provides the students with competencies for developing and applications of new polymer materials with applicability in medicine, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies. Along with the above mentioned training, students also learn about the recycling and refining of “classic” synthetic polimers.

The profiled module “
LASER AND PHOTONIC TECHNOLOGIES” is a synthesis of scientific disciplines,aiming to provide the students stable an universal complex of knowledge, on which practical skills for the up to date optic industry are formed. This specialty has the ambition to prepare specialists, which after graduating, are able to successfully adapt and gain new competencies in various industrial fields. Especially in fast developing fields such as laser and optic technologies.
Student`s probations in leading regional factories and institutions are included in the educational process.
Graduates could work experimental, theoretical, technical and constructor works for development, integration and improvement of current analysis methods, materials control and testing in industrial, scientific and research, studying and health care laboratories, as well as to find their professional realization at software companies, medicinal centers, banks and others.
After graduating, students from the specialty could continue their education for the educational degree master.

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