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Professional field: law
Educational qualification:
Professional qualification:
Period of study:
regular10 semesters (5 years), external – 12 semesters (6 years)
Forms of study:
regular & external
Evaluation scoring:
see annex #1

Law is a university specialty. The study curriculum includes the following basic disciplines: theory and history of law, constitution law, administrative law, financial law, civil law, civil and penitential trial. Along with the main, additional courses are available, providing specialization in the fields of law. The aim of the education is preparation of qualified lawyers by acquiring the basic complex of law knowledge and study for practical applying of various enactments. Students receive lectures about the principles and characteristics of the Bulgarian law system, as well as the newest tendencies in the development of the contemporary European law systems and the law at the European union. The educational process runs in the form of lectures, seminars and practices at law enforcement agencies. The training process is lectured by highly quilted specialists – habilitated specialists – scientists and practicing lawyers. Period of study is 5 years for regular and 6 years for the external form of education. Successful graduates receive professional qualification “lawyer” and educational qualification “master” after successfully passing state examination.

Graduates with higher law education gain law certification after practice as senior-lawyers at Ministry of Justice. They could practice as judges, lawyers, prosecutors, investigators, law consultants and consultants in state and municipality institutions and organizations, trading companies and others, as notaries, arbitrators or bailiffs.

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