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Application procedure for international students from non-EU countries

Application procedure for international students from non-EU countries

Application conditions

All programs and modes of education of Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” are open to applicants who comply with the following conditions/requirements:

For Bachelor’s degree programs:

  1. Completed secondary education enabling the student to continue into the higher education institutions of the country where the diploma has been issued.
  2. The applicant’s minimum average score from the rank-forming grades for the relevant specialty in the diploma of secondary education must not be lower than 62% of the maximum score for the grading system/scale of/in the country of diploma issue (i.e. equivalent to the Bulgarian “Good 4”). The rank-forming grades are the grades for the subjects in the diploma for secondary education which are relevant to the chosen major. For example, rank-forming grades for the bachelor’s program in “Informatics” are Mathematics and Computer Science. Refer to Appendix 1 in the Students Guidebook.
  3. Applicants must not have any health conditions which are counter-indicative to studying and practicing the profession they apply for.


For Master’s degree programs:

  1. Completed tertiary education (a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree).
  2. The applicant’s overall average score for the completed higher education degree (Bachelor’s degree) must not be lower that “Good 4” (in accordance with the Bulgarian Higher Education Act).
  3. Faculties may set additional requirements for the admission of applicants to certain Master’s degree programs.


Required documents

  1. Application form with brief biographical data, the desired faculty (faculties) and specialty (specialties), the mode of education (for holders of Visa D only full-time study is available) and the educational qualification degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s). Applicants should also indicate their level of Bulgarian.

*Applicants may state more than one desired major and faculty in the application form and they will be ranked in their order of preference.


  1. Legalized translation into Bulgarian of the diploma for completed secondary education (including the diploma supplement with all the individual grades) – when candidates apply for the full period of study or legalized translation of the diploma for completed higher education degree (including the diploma supplement with all grades) and/or transcript of records when candidates apply for a partial term of study or for a higher educational qualification degree (for example, for a Master’s degree after a completed Bachelor’s degree).
  2. A document issued by competent authority which certifies the right of the applicant to be eligible for studying in the higher educational institutions of the country of completed secondary education.
  3. A medical certificate issued within one month prior to the date of application and validated by the respective authorities in the applicant’s country.

*The documents described in points 2, 3 and 4 must be officially translated into Bulgarian and legalized in compliance with the provisions of the international treaties between the Republic of Bulgaria and the issuing state. In case of absence of such provisions this has to be done under the common/general procedure for certification, translation and legalization of documents and other official papers.


  1. A photocopy of a valid international passport / identity card with name, date and place of birth written in the Latin script. Applicants with dual citizenship must present the original and photocopies of their Bulgarian identity documents. In case of any differences concerning the name of the applicant in the Bulgarian and foreign identity documents he or she must present a notary certified declaration or another document for the identity of a person with two names.
  2. 4 passport size photos of the applicant.
  3. A Bulgarian language certificate equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – only for candidates who are not going to apply for language and specialized training at the Bulgarian Language Department. It should be issued by a higher educational institution of the Republic of Bulgaria.
    7.1. Foreign nationals with no command of Bulgarian must sign up for a one-year preparatory course in language and specialized training at the Bulgarian Language (Learning) Department of PU “Paisii Hilendarski” (in the first year).
    7.2. The foreign nationals who are admitted (as students) to the University may continue their studies in the first academic year of the chosen major after successfully passing the preparatory course examinations for language and specialized training in Bulgarian (and the specialized disciplines) equivalent to level B2 of the CEFR.
  4. Declaration for financial security/provision of the applicant during the period of study (if explicitly required).
  5. Please note that tuition fees for international students are determined on an annual basis by a Council of Ministers Decree.

Terms for application and enrollment


Application of international students from non-EU states for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for the academic year of 2016/2017 takes place during the period from 1 May to 20 September 2016.


Application procedure


  1. Please submit your application to the administrator of international students (“Admission of international students”, room 217) at the Students Affairs Department in the main building of PU “Paisii Hilendarski” by 20 September in the year of applying. The application documents may be submitted in person or by an authorized representative.
  2. Within a month after the date of submission of the application the administrator (for admission) of international students prepares the documents and sends them to the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) – Directorate “Students, doctoral students and specializing students” for the purpose of issue of certificate (of eligibility) for study. There is a one-month deadline for the certificate issue by MES.
  3. After receiving the certificate from MES the administrator of international students informs the applicants that they may receive the certificate in person or by an authorized representative which enables them to apply for a visa of “D” category.
  4. Application documents for visa “D”/ (of “D” category) must be submitted in an embassy or a consulate (consular office) of the Republic of Bulgaria in the (relevant) applicant’s country of origin. The visa may be received in the same place. The deadline for visa issue is one month, but please bear in mind that sometimes it may take longer.
    4.1. An application for the issue of visa of “D” category may be submitted only in the diplomatic and consular offices in the country of permanent residence of the candidate or those which have been accredited for the country of residence of the candidate.
  5. After receiving the visa of “D” category and their arrival to Bulgaria applicants enroll in the desired major or in the preparatory course for language and specialized training.



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