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The Faculty of Chemistry is among the first faculties, formed after the establishment of the Plovdiv University. The Faculty is located at the center building of the Plovdiv University at the center of the city. 15 chemistry laboratories, tree computer halls, internal network between the departments, several servers for chemistry applications and Internet communications are at service within the faculty. At the Faculty of Chemistry work highly qualified specialists, thus allowing study and research activities at exceptional levels.

The graduates of the Faculty of Chemistry find their professional realization at the following fields: teaching at universities or high-schools, functionally and scientifically applicable research in the spheres of chemistry, working in the fields of ecological problems and environmental preservation, research, development, upgrading and practical appliance of new technologies, research of new and optimization of existing methods for control and testing of new materials, resources and semi-products for industry, medicine, biochemistry, agriculture, technique and ecology, support of production in chemical, agrifood, metal and similar plants where chemistry has leading role.

Last update 08 September 2013

PU "Paisii Hilendarski"

Rectorate, Plovdiv "Tzar Assen" str. 24

Telephone: 032/261 261

Fax: 032/628 390

Technical issues: 032/261 305

BULSTAT: BG000455457



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