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The Faculty is autonomic since 1991. The history of southbulgarian humanities starts in the school year 1973-1974, when the first philological profiles were established.

At the University of Plovdiv, the Faculty of Philology is the biggest one among the nine faculties with 2500 students in 16 profiles for bachelor degree-level, 10 master-degree programms and 3 specialization programms. There are 110 teacher at the faculty, 8 of which full-time professors, 30 professors, 48 Ph.D. Professors and 50 assoc. Ph.D. Professors.

The Faculty is mainly located in the Rectorate building. At the New building are located the libraries specialised in slavonic studies, greek, english, and american studies.

The Faculty has 3 computer halls and a local internet area network. Partnerships have been established through the years with the universities in Krakow, Gniezno, Warshaw, and Poznan (Poland), Budapesht (Hungary), Novi Sad (Serbia), Banya Luka (Republic of Srpska), Podgoritza (Montenegro), Olomoutz and Burno (Czech Republik), Bratislava (Slovakia), the faculty of philology in Sankt Petersbourg (Russia), Bryansk (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Kiew, Lvov, Berdyansk (Ukraine), the Karlow University in Prague, The Paris University IV, Bordeux, Lil, Aras (France), the University in Lisbon (Portugal), Ghent (Belgium), the University of Dresden (Germany), the universities in Roehampton, Surrey and Oxford (England), Glasgow (Scotland),
Tromsø (Norway), Dresden, Aachen, Göttingen, Berlin, Koblentz (Germany), the California State University (USA).

Students from the faculty have the opportunity to study for a certain period of time (semester or two) adequate profiles at universities in Europe and North america. 

Last update 16 January 2014

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