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The Faculty of Pedagogy was established in 1984. Positioned at the new building of the university, located "Bulgaria" bul. 236. The Faculty is a prominent center for scientific research and education for highly qualified specialists in the fields of pedagogics, psychology and arts. Annually 3000 students study in 13 specialties for bachelor degree and 25 for master degree, 1200 of which study in regular form, including 20 foreign students. The Faculty of Pedagogics educates students from Greece, Turkey, Germany, Moldova, Great Britain, Macedonia and Kuwait.

The lecturers at the Faculty of Pedagogics are more than 120, while half of them are habilitated (full time professors) and two thirds have other scientific degrees (Ph.D. and assoc. Ph.D.). Many of the lecturers have specialized in prominent scientific institutes and higher education schools abroad. The Faculty of Pedagogy has a wide specialized library, section for English courses, three study computer halls, hall for constant Internet access, video hall, up to date equipped seminar halls, auditoriums and lecture halls, representative meetings hall. The Faculty has its own specialized web site and local area computer network. Centers for career-guidance, educational management, psycho-pedagogic diagnosis and art therapy function within the faculty.

The Faculty maintains close connections with the universities in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Malmo (Sweden), San Diego (USA), Skopje (Macedonia), Shtip (Macedonia), Zagreb (Croatia), Istanbul (Turkey), Edinburgh University (Scotland), Roechim University, Bradford University (Great Britain), Aveiro (Portugal), Janina University, Rhodes University (Greece), Jerusalem University (Israel) and others. Students have the opportunity to get their education for a period of time (semester or two semesters) at the universities in Paris, Lion, Lil, Ghent, Bremen, Göttingen, Florence and Venice.

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