Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) is the first autonomic faculty in the almost half century history of the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”. Nowadays it is approved and potent center for scientific research and education of specialists in the fields of mathematics, informatics and informational technologies. The Faculty has more than 80 highly qualified lecturers, half of which are habilitated (13 full time professors and 26 Ph.D.) and more than half of them – with scientific degrees (6 full time doctors and 48 Ph.D.). Considerable amount of them has passed specializations in reputable scientific institutes and universities, both as graduates and guest lecturers at universities in USA, Japan, Africa and Europe. They have plenty of experience in reputable international scientific forums and scientific educational projects in collaboration with universities from the EU, USA and others. FMI maintains exchange of students and lecturers through different educational programs with universities in Austria, England, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary and Finland. FMI has Scientific court with the authorities to choose habilitated professors. Lecturers from the faculty are also members of other specialized scientific courts and subcommittees from the HAC (Higher Academic Council).

Annually at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) over 1500 students study in the bachelor and master programs for “Mathematics”, “Informatics and computer sciences”, “Pedagogy for the education in mathematics” and many others. Programs for scientific degree-level Ph.D. are also available. Except the above mentioned, the Faculty holds courses for individuals with higher-education, for additional professional qualifications for the purposes of education in mathematics and informatics and informational technologies in the school system. Wide variety of courses is available – admission, courses in computer skills and many others.

All the programs and specialties at the FMI are accredited by the National agency for evaluation and accreditation with mark “Very good” until 2014. Additional information about the programs, study plans and the conditions for admission is available on our web-site.

FMI is proud of its graduates, which find their professional realization not just in Bulgaria, but worldwide. They are prominent scientists and lecturers in higher-education institutions, heads of departments, faculties, universities. Thousands are prominent teachers, school principals, experts and managers in the fields of education. Many others are highly qualified specialists in many firms and leading companies in the fields of informatics and informational technologies, banking and insurance companies, economy and marketing, scientific and research groups. Others found successful realization as politicians and state managers on regional and state scale – mayors, governors, deputies, ambassadors, vice-ministers, ministers and even vice-premiers. Faculty graduates are citizens of Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Iraq, Nicaragua, Jordan, Austria and Israel.

The Faculty is located in new university building with wide park, comfortable cafeterias, refectory, university book store, up to date auditoriums and lecture halls, official meetings hall, specialized libraries. FMI has 12 modern study computer halls with over 200 places and multimedia, video hall, laboratory for interactive mathematics, constant Internet access within the computer halls and the lecturers offices and wireless Internet connection in the area of the building with licensed software with study and other informational materials, constantly available for the students and lecturers.

Last update 20 October 2016

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