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Blue Europe 2021 Writing Contest

Blue Europe is an independent, nonpartisan, and privately funded think tank established in the European Union. It is comprised of numerous organizations that cooperate. It takes no political positions and prefers to present declarations, expert informed opinions, and studies about the continent's and Union's future. We wish to increase public awareness of European concerns throughout the European Union's people as much as possible. To do this, the board has decided to hold a scientific paper writing contest again this year.

This time the contest is open to all EU and EEA students and recently graduated people. We are inviting students to write about their knowledge field – on any scientific topic of their choosing in the following fields : Law, Diplomatic Sciences, Economics , Econometry, Public Policies, Governance, Politics, Information Technology, Business, Technology, Geopolitics, Geography, Infrastructure and History . It is our hope to discover those exceptional students that not only know their craft, but can also effectively communicate it to the scientific community as well as to the general public.

A grand prize of 750 euros will be awarded to the author of the article that receive the best note by the jury.

The full rules are available on our website :

If you are interested, you can either fill this form ( or send us an email ( Have a question? We also answer to that email.

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