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Information for Incoming Erasmus students

Application Procedure

     If your University has a formal exchange agreement with Plovdiv University and you have been selected to study as an Erasmus student, you must complete the following forms:

You should not forget to send the Transcript of Records (translated into English) from your home institution which gives information on the subjects you have attended at your university before the start of your Erasmus student mobility, as well as a photocopy of your identity card (passport).

Detailed information about study Programs and courses could be found here:

 For more information you can also contact the Faculty ERASMUS Coordinators.

  All application documents, duly signed and stamped by your home institution, must be sent by e-mail to iro.petrova@gmail.com. They should be filled in electronically, not handwritten.



Application deadlines

30 June for winter semester.

30 November for summer semester.

Formally accepted students receive an Invitation Letter


Language Requirements

The official language of instruction at Plovdiv University is Bulgarian, except foreign philologies.
Incoming Erasmus students preparing their graduation project and PhD students can be taught in English upon preliminary coordination with the host department.


Language Courses

There are language courses organized during the academic year.

Contact Person: Tanya Neycheva E-mail: tanja_sp@yahoo.com


Academic Calendar

 First/winter/ semester  Examination session
 Full-time studies:  from 30.09.2019
 to 18.01.2020
 from 19.01.2020
 to 16.02.2020
 Part-time studies:  from 26.08.2019 
 to 29.09.2019
 from 30.09.2019
 to 20.12.2019
 Christmas holiday:  from 21.12.2019
 to 01.01.2020
 Second/spring/ semester  Examination session
 Full-time studies:  from 17.02.2020
 to 30.05.2020
 from 31.05.2020
 to 30.06.2020
 Part-time studies:  from 19.01.2020
 to 16.02.2020
 from 17.02.2020
 to 30.05.2020
 Easter holiday:  from 17.04.2020
 to 20.04.2020



Before leaving your country you should take the following things with you:

  • a passport or any other identity document
  • 5 passport size photographs
  • a health insurance form
  • travel insurance and personal insurance 
Before you leave you must inform the International Relations Office (IRO) about the exact date of your arrival.When you arrive in Plovdiv, contact IRO first. The Incoming Students Adviser, the respective secretary at Student Affairs Department and the Faculty or Department Coordinator assist the whole procedure of enrolment, accommodation and registration. IRO solves all kinds of problems you might have during your stay in the city.
Former Erasmus students from Plovdiv University help incoming students to integrate easily in the new academic and social environment.


If you are interested in university accommodation, please fill in the Accommodation section of the Application Form and send it to the Incoming Students Advisor.

After the IRO receives your application form, we check the availability of rooms in the student dormitories and inform you directly about the opportunities.

Unfortunately, a limited number of vacant rooms are available and some of them are not very comfortable or luxurious to live in. Most foreign students prefer private accommodation and they themselves look around for appropriate places. IRO gives information and advice to students to help them in their search for suitable accommodation.

Students are strongly advised to come to Plovdiv before the start of the October or February term.



Students coming from EU countries do not need visa. Other international students can get information about visa application procedure at the Bulgarian embassies or consulates in their home countries or they can consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Health insurance

Students from the EU/European Economic Area (EEA)

Students from EU/EEA countries must have health insurance coverage from their home country. The European Health Insurance Card certifies that you are entitled to necessary medical treatment during temporary stays in other EEA countries, Switzerland and Macedonia. You can receive medical treatment from a doctor or an outpatient care centre, which has concluded a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund.

If you decide to use private health insurance you have to check with your insurance office as to whether your coverage applies to Bulgaria. You must bring the European Health Insurance Card or documentation of private health insurance when you enter Bulgaria.

Students from countries outside the EU/European Economic Area

Students from non-EU/EEA countries should make a private health insurance for minimum 30 000 Euro, which is one of the requisites for obtaining a visa. You have to check with your insurance office as to whether your coverage applies to Bulgaria.

For further information on medical treatment in Bulgaria: http://www.en.nhif.bg/web/guest/home


Police Registration

According to the regulations all foreigners who are staying on the territory of Bulgaria (except EU citizens), must register at the police station, Administrative Control of Foreigners Service, not later than 48 hours after arrival.

Address registration service:

Plovdiv 70, Volga St.,

tel.: 032 932 898


The University Library

The University Library has two locations:

The central building – 24, Tsar Asen St.

The new building – 236, Bulgaria Blvd.

Working Hours:
Monday – Friday:  9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. -14.00 p.m. (During Exam Sessions Only)

Contacts and Addresses


Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
24, Tsar Asen St

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Boryan Yanev, PhD
E-mail: byanev@uni-plovdiv.net
tel. +359 32 261 478

International Relations Office (IRO)
Central Building, room 111

Mrs. Radosveta Mishevska, Bilateral Agreement Administrator, Outgoing Students Advisor
E-mail: iro_pu@abv.bg

Mrs. Yana Petrova, Incoming Students Advisor
E-mail: iro.petrova@gmail.com

Tel. +359 32 261 363,
fax +359 32 635 049


 Faculty ERASMUS Coordinators

Prof. Iliya Iliev, PhD
Faculty of Biology
tel: 032/261 323
e-mail: ilievini@abv.bg

Assoc. Prof. Yulia Dzhabarova, PhD
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

tel: 032/261 379
e-mail: j_jabarova@yahoo.com
room: 355

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Shotlekov, PhD
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

tel: 032/261 754
e-mail: shotlekov@gmail.com
room: 341 (New building)

Assoc. Prof. Yuri Yanakiev, PhD
Faculty of Education

tel: 032/261 708
e-mail: ianakiev@uni-plovdiv.bg
room: 112 (New building)

Assoc. Prof. Maria Marudova, PhD
Faculty of Physics and Technology

tel: 032/261 278
e-mail: margo@uni-plovdiv.bg
room: 233

Assoc. Prof. Nadia Cherneva, PhD
Faculty of Languages and Literature

tel: 032/261 357
e-mail: ncherneva9@gmail.com
room: 325

Assoc. Prof. Meglena Zlatkova, PhD
Faculty of Philosophy and History

tel: 032/624 435
e-mail: m_zlatkova@yahoo.com

Assoc. Prof. Plamen Angelov, PhD
Faculty of Chemistry

tel: 032/261 349
e-mail: angelov@uni-plovdiv.bg

Chief Assist. Angel Shopov, PhD
Faculty of Law
tel: 032/261 339
e-mail: angel.shopov@gmail.com
Assoc. Prof. Elena Nikolova, PhD
Branch - Smolyan
tel: 0301/623 44
e-mail: elenatn@abv.bg
Chief Assist. Vania Ivanova, PhD
Branch - Kardzhali
tel: 0884 280 113
e-mail: vanya_ivanova75@abv.bg
Last update on 25 October 2013